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Visit Our Historic Bed and Breakfast

When you arrive at Limestone House Bed & Breakfast in Florence, Alabama, you will know a great experience is about to begin. Interestingly unique, this two-story Georgian Revival home is built using large limestone blocks hand mined and cut from local limestone formations. Its age, strength and size are evident. Built by Col. Cyrus Washington Ashcraft in 1915, this home has withstood the test of time. Its original wood flooring remains in place, its plaster walls stand tall against time and most of its windows exhibit the tell-tale waves created as gravity acts upon the lead content in each glass pane for 100 years now. Designated a National Register Historical Home in 1978 and always the center of social activities, Limestone House was the first house in Florence to have electricity.

The Common Areas: As you enter the Foyer, you are struck first by the size of the entry door and then by the beautiful, original chandelier set high against a light blue 12-ft. ceiling. To your right is a formal Dining Room complete with antique hutch, corner piece and a pie-safe that belonged to Betty’s grandmother.

Beyond that room, you have just a glimpse of the inn’s inviting Breakfast Room. There you will delight in a full three-course breakfast each morning of your stay, as you enjoy nature through the 6-ft. high windows that line its three outside walls. Adjoining this and the Dining Room is our Butler’s Pantry where you can get hot coffee or tea, cold water or soft drinks and a snack at any time during your stay.

From the Foyer again, but this time to your left, is a large Living Room with its own antique chandelier and a large, functioning limestone fireplace and stunning limestone mantle. Accenting this room is a six-tier 1890’s revolving book case, timeless Eastlake chairs, antique highboy, an elegant, designer sofa and a reproduction of the Lincoln’s theater chair in which he was seated the night he was assassinated. This chair was likely made between 1870 and 1890. The Limestone House has been the social and business center of the community throughout its history. Just think – If the walls of this room could talk, what tales could be told!

Adjoining the Living Room, you have a glimpse of the inn’s Sunroom. South facing and lined by large windows and with a slightly sloping floor, many happy plants call this room home. The slightly sloping floor allowed water spilled or dripping from the plants to flow across the floor to a small gutter set along and below the porch’s edge. This room provides a beautifully quiet spot for a private discussion or a mid-day nap.

Now, back to the Foyer… as you ascend the winding stair case, the second-floor landing comes into view. Surrounded by a well-stocked library, the landing, with its plush floral rug, inviting couch along with Betty’s grandfather’s rocking chair, suggests the gathering of good friends or a quiet place to just be.

Amenities: In addition to the amenities mentioned above, the Limestone House Bed & Breakfast provides you an opportunity in its fenced, private backyard garden to enjoy an afternoon of reading or napping on inviting chaise lounges or engaging in conversation while reclining on zero-gravity recliner chairs that are nicely shaded. There is also a great handmade stone grill perfect for barbequing.

Nearby high quality restaurants: In addition to all this, just a 5-minute walk from Limestone House are great dining and live entertainment in downtown Florence. From down home hamburgers, or juicy steaks at Legends to Mexican at Rosie’s Cantina, Thai sushi at Yumm and from there to the elegantly healthy faire of Odette’s (just to name a few), you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Your Hosts: Betty & Bill Maloney are your hosts at Limestone House Bed & Breakfast. Bill attended the United States Military Academy and served in the U.S. Army for 24 years. He had tours of duty as an Air Defense officer at Fort Bliss, TX and in Germany before meeting Betty in 1982 while serving again at Fort Bliss, TX. They were married in 1983, and recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. Through these years, Bill earned both an Industrial Engineering MS degree as well as a Ph.D. while holding a mix of advance schooling and field assignments. At the same time, Betty focused on raising their children and homeschooling their son. Wherever they lived, Betty made sure their home was regularly filled with guests and, in hindsight, she was honing the art of hospitality that you will enjoy here at Limestone House Bed & Breakfast. For 24 years, Betty carefully gathered select items and made plans for what became Longing For Home Bed & Breakfast, their first venture into the world of hospitality. Owning and operating Longing For Home was, for Betty, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Today, with 5+ years of bed and breakfast experience and the help of a great innkeeper, Stephanie, they continue to operate Longing For Home Bed & Breakfast in Rogersville, AL. And now they offer, with the highest quality amenities and decorum, Limestone House Bed & Breakfast in Florence, AL. At this newly renovated inn you will experience great hospitality along with Betty’s famous “Three-course Breakfast.” It is their goal that each of their guests experiences a slower pace of life, a stronger peace of mind, a better anchored soul and to simply be re-charged and reconnected to those they love.